Braving the elements: With the flexible polymer-modified thick layer coating

Late autumn and winter present the construction industry with special challenges. On site, it gets light later and dark earlier than in the summer months – and the weather is often really uncomfortable. For the teams working outside this means: Not only do they have to brave wind and weather, but there’s also the time pressure because there are fewer hours of daylight and, above all, the low temperatures.

When the building product counts

The selection of the right building products can be absolutely crucial to the success of the project and this is particularly true in the sensitive area of waterproofing. For this reason, many construction companies and SCHOMBURG customers rely on the advantages of reactive drying, especially in the winter months, which reactive-setting cementitious waterproofing systems such as AQUAFIN-RB400 from SCHOMBURG.

What is reactive drying?

As the name suggests, reactive drying is achieved by a chemical reaction. With AQUAFIN-RB400 this is the balanced ratio of dispersion and cement components. The cement components are responsible for the controlled curing process, the so-called hydraulic setting. The dispersion components ensure viscosity and good processability on the building site. The combination of both means that AQUAFIN-RB400 can be applied very easily and efficiently on the one hand, and on the other sets so quickly that an overcoat can be applied after just three hours.

Inclement weather conditions? AQUAFIN-RB400 helps!

Sounds familiar? It’s early in the morning, the thermometer shows eight degrees and it’s still raining. No-one wants to stay out longer than he has to - but don’t worry: The reactive setting cementitious waterproofing AQUAFIN-RB400 from SCHOMBURG will save the day. Even sometimes the whole project, too. Because with the short drying time, you can complete building sites and hand over projects that would not have been possible with other waterproofing solutions. For comparison: AQUAFIN-RB400 from SCHOMBURG is watertight after just 16 hours. With bitumen, however, three to five days must be allowed for drying ... an eternity! And a very risk one, especially in winter when there is a risk of frost. Conventional cementitious waterproofing requires approximately 48 hours to set. In many cases this can take far too long.

Reactive and so versatile

With the AQUAFIN-RB400 rapid cementitious waterproofing from SCHOMBURG, you have complete freedom. Not only can they perfectly seal building components are in direct ground contact, but also plinths or rising masonry work. AQUAFIN-RB400 can be applied outside and inside and is also suitable for connecting floor-level elements. We have listed all the advantages that AQUAFIN-RB400 from SCHOMBURG offers in this article: All leaks are water-tight? Ways of waterproofing buildings: Is the bituminous or cementitious reactive method the best?

You will also find out how easily and, above all, how efficiently the cementitious waterproofing can be applied mechanically – regardless of whether with a peristaltic pump, screw pump or with the airless spray technique. Further details on the machine application of AQUAFIN-RB400 can be found in our next blog post. You can find all the information about the rapid cementitious waterproofing AQUAFIN-RB400 and the wide range of possible applications on our product page.

How can AQUAFIN-RB400 benefit me? Let us advise you!

Are you also interested in benefiting from the many advantages of rapid cementitious waterproofing with AQUAFIN-RB400? Whatever your waterproofing project – our specialists will be happy to advise you. Write to us here - we look forward to hearing from you.