Your waterproofing for all occasions: AQUAFIN-RB400

For sealing components in contact with the ground

Waterproofing components in contact with the ground is the classic application where you can replace conventional bitumen waterproofing with FPDs such as AQUAFIN-RB400 from SCHOMBURG. The rapid reactive through-drying and excellent machinability (regardless of whether peristaltic pump, screw pump or airless process) make AQUAFIN-RB400 a particularly efficient waterproofing solution for you - even for large areas. With AQUAFIN-RB400, you can not only perfectly seal all details, such as pipe penetrations, but also bond the perimeter insulation over the entire surface in the offset.

Ideal base waterproofing with horizontal barrier

FPDs, such as AQUAFIN-RB400, are a very good waterproofing solution for you, not only on components in contact with the ground, but also for wall plinths, especially for protection against splash water. But you can protect more than just the base. AQUAFIN-RB400 also helps you with horizontal barriers as waterproofing under rising components, which protect the building from capillary rising damp.

Versatility is key

The rapid cementitious waterproofing AQUAFIN-RB400 is truly multifunctional, because it really is an all-rounder among waterproofing products and is particularly useful for the following tasks:

  • Waterproofing building components in contact with the ground
  • Base waterproofing with horizontal barrier
  • Waterproofing against pressing water
  • Waterproofing of floor-to-ceiling elements
  • Subsequent sealing in the interior

Waterproofing against pressing water

Pressing water places a particularly high load on a basement wall. This makes effective waterproofing even more important. The rapid cementitious AQUAFIN-RB400 is also particularly suitable for this area of application.

For sealing elements at floor level

Floor-to-ceiling elements are among the greatest challenges in waterproofing. Reliable waterproofing in this area is only guaranteed if there are no gaps. With AQUAFIN-RB400, you can master this task easily. The solution lies in the ingenious system and, in addition to the mineral-based waterproofing, this also includes the single-sided adhesive ASO-Joint-Tape and the elastic moulded parts for internal and external corners ASO-Joint-Tape-2000-S-Corners.

For subsequent sealing of the interior

When restoring buildings, you can also protect the building fabric from water damage in the long term by waterproofing the interior subsequently. You can also count on your partner AQUAFIN-RB400 for that job. The mineral-based waterproofing is the system partner of our THERMOPAL restoration plaster system and serves as a waterproofing intermediate layer.