New build basement waterproofing, base point, flush floor slab Single-facade masonry


Building waterproofing in contact with the ground - AQUAFIN-RB400 - Twolayer waterproofing to protect the building envelope from moisture and water


Protection of the waterproofing - Insulation, protection and drainage boards - Protects the waterproofing from damage


Horizontal barrier under walls - AQUAFINRB400 - Protection from capillary rising water


Transition to concrete structure - ASO reinforcing insert - Reinforcement of the waterproofing in the transition area between masonry and concrete


Waterproofing on front side of floor slab - AQUAFIN-RB400 - Waterproofing the front side of the floor slab/foundations to safeguard the transition to the wall material

used products:


Fast mineral building waterproofing

ASO reinforcing fabric

reinforcing fabric

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