Versatile, flexible, dependable - the application possibilities afforded by flexible polymer modified thick layer coatings

In the last article we looked at the properties and benefits of flexible polymer modified thick layer coatings (FPD), which include AQUAFIN-RB400, the rapid cementitious waterproofing from SCHOMBURG. Take another look at the article here: Flexible polymer modified thick layer coatings - what exactly are they?

When it comes to the possible applications, FPDs deliver further advantages, as the example of AQUAFIN-RB400 shows. Because it really gives you the freedom of choice: No matter how you want to apply the cementitious waterproofing, the possibilities are many.

AQUAFIN-RB400: Straight off the trowel

You can of course apply AQUAFIN-RB400 the classic way - with a trowel and float. The smooth consistency of the material makes this especially easy. A quick tip: We recommend working with a coating thickness trowel with integrated spacer to achieve a uniform layer thickness. Thanks to the rapid reactive binding, you can overcoat AQUAFIN-RB400 after just three hours.

For the brush users among us: Let's get brushing!

Of course, some prefer the wide brush and with AQUAFIN-RB400 is just the trick here too. Our rapid cementitious waterproofing can naturally be applied with a wide brush. This is particularly recommended on plinths or during renovation works, especially on uneven substrates such as natural stone or quarry stone. This allows the reliable waterproofing of these uneven substrates in the required layer thickness.

Machine application: Bring on the pump

The machine application of AQUAFIN-RB400 using spray techniques is recommended for large areas and especially for waterproofing entire walls. Once again, you have the freedom of choice, because our cementitious reactive waterproofing can be applied with the following machine technologies:

  • Airless pump
  • Screw pump
  • Peristaltic pump

Each of the three methods mentioned has its advantages and overall, a great deal and speaks in favour of the machine application of waterproofing. One key argument is efficiency - and as such the economic advantage. Depending on the machine technology used, AQUAFIN-RB400 can be applied over distances of 10, 20 or even 50 metres. This means, a greater surface area within a very short time and the spray application results in a very uniform surface. The advantage for you: You can complete application faster and with less effort than with manual application, without having to compromise on quality.

Make use of your existing technology

As mentioned previously, AQUAFIN-RB400 is very flexible and provides you with every freedom when it comes to machine technology. This means, you can either use an existing pump for waterproofing or make an investment decision that allows your new pump to be used for other projects too. You can find out which details you should consider when choosing a pump in our blog article "It all comes down to the right technology - requirements for spray machines for waterproofing", which you can look forward to reading when it comes out in December.

Not just for large projects

The spray technique not only offers economic advantages with larger properties, small and medium sized surface areas can be rapidly waterproofed with the machine technology too. Rapid construction progress is therefore guaranteed. Does that make sense for your next project? We can determine that together. Write to us here. We shall be happy to advise you and look forward to hearing from you.

Added bonus of occupational safety - and welcome too!

Machine application is unbeatable and in particular when it comes to occupational safety, as the user can remain in the pit at all times and perform waterproofing from there without lengthy work interruptions. Depending on the situation, this is also possible without scaffolding and without having to climb a ladder - something that is not only safe, but also makes work easier.

You can find further information about AQUAFIN-RB400 on our product page.